Thursday - December - 2016

Are you ready for the 2017 racing season. Well we are . Although it is still 2016 the guys have been busy getting the cars ready for the upcoming 2017 racing season . Follow along as we give you all the news on Glenn Styres Racing .
Each month we will posting the dates, and tracks where the various drivers will be racing . We will be travelling throughout Southern Ontario, along with some trips to the US.

Jesse McDonald is the current 2016 Crate champion. Follow along, and see if Jesse’s 2017 season continues from where he left off in 2016. Or will Jordan, and Aaron give him a run for the 2017 Crate championship .In 2016 Jordan was just starting to find his groove, when his engine decided to let go keeping him out of racing for a good part of the season. Aaron was there knocking on the door every week with solid finishes every Friday night.

We will be posting some great videos of the team from the various tracks they will be racing at in 2017, along with some pictures from the track. I will be doing some interviews with the guys, and running some contests from time to time , with your chance to win some autographed Stryes Racing items .